When the Others Still on Trying, We Already had The Experiences

Gotravindo is the first educational program in Indonesia. Gotravindo provides educational programs for both students or colleges in Indonesia to experience not only in education but also in valuable experiences such as meet with new people and feel the atmosphere of education in different countries with cultural diversity. Gotravindo already had some experiences in this field for a long time, and we focus on the quality.

Android Apps Feature

Todays’ technology development makes all the things become easier. In this digital era, many supporting systems are provided to facilitate a wide range of needs. Even more nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone including the students. Gotravindo is committed to always be one step ahead and more cutting edge in facilitating student needs especially in this digital era. Taking the opportunity, Gotravindo presents the features of Android application to facilitates and helps the student to be able to access and find out more details about Gotravindo. Features of “GOTRAVINDO” application currently is already available and can be directly downloaded on Google Play Store.

A Step Forward Starts in One Touch

In the digital age, technology makes the world as in one’s grasp, open the horizon insight, knowing the development of education and participated in the field of education in the world. Due to this issue, Gotravindo presents a feature to make the young generation of Indonesia move one step ahead in one easy touch. Through the android application presented by Gotravindo, the access to the education field abroad, the development of knowledge and experiences becoming easier in just one touch.

Gotravindo have 6.800 student members

Networks in 20 countries multi-continents

Gotravindo conducted more than 45 programs successfully

Social community more than 20.000 people

Experienced team

Experience a fun and educative journey

VISA and Immigration

As international students who plan to study in another area of the country you must apply for a visa after receiving the Letter of Acceptance from Gotravindo Please note that before applying for a visa, you must get permission to follow the program from your institution.

For some, the immigration issue could be complicated. So that through the on-line service that integrates student will help in conducting clearance VISA to the country programme.