Welcome Remarks

Warmest Greeting from Gotravindo Educational Program of Indonesia.

We realize the process of building the character of a nation, the required strength in the education for the sake of achievement on continuing education for the future is the most important point. Gotravindo would like to invite people who concern in the education field to join in a program based on global education concept. The concept-based educational program with cultural exchange, information, economic, technological, and social will be a step in the unifying power of a better world future.

As an educational program, the first in Indonesia, Gotravindo always shows the existence of international level, both in the ASEAN, ASIA, Europe and Australia. We have the confidence to interact with many universities, famous foreign companies and institutions around the world. The mobility of the team and our participants keep rolling every day in various parts. The flurry to continue on attempting the quality of the educational program, as well as receiving foreign guests to study in Indonesia is our priority. We offer a lot of options for exchange program as well as the executive program. We also establish good relations with several communities in the educational world.

Our offices are located in two different countries, Indonesia and Singapore. We open up for any potential collaboration with international partners and ready to present the most prospective learner to the international level. We are consistently ready to establish the learners at the international level, where someone can move from one country to the other freely with insignificant restrictions especially on the formation of the ASEAN community. Therefore, our commitment in Gotravindo is to increase and accelerate mobility within ASEAN, ASIA, Europe, AUSTRALIA, and AMERICA, actively involved in the field of beneficial education

Looking on official website and our applications on android or IOS, you will come to a world where we can learn about our existence and how we actively engage ourselves in an era without any limitation. Kindly contact one of our staff for any questions you may have. We sincerely hope you will come and visit our office directly in Indonesia and Singapore for any enquiry, to connect and become the part of the big family of Gotravindo.

Welcome to Gotravindo World!

Kartiko Gilang Pamungkas, M.B.A., CMA., Ph.D (Cand).

CEO & Founder


  • Work professionally with a creative team performance
  • Develop mutual collaboration with partners
  • Broaden the networking with all stakeholders
  • Maintain and improve the quality of services


To become the best educational program provider that is customer service oriented, focuses on meeting the expectation of the participant and partners.

What We do

Develop Leadership

Gotravindo conduct a program which leads students to develop their leadership commitment to play an active role in the global education continuously. Leadership not only be presented in the form of a theory, but a direct application and provide solutions to problems. A great leader will bring prosperity to the people. As a nation need a great leader, a student is prestigious asset for a Nation that will contribute significantly it the future.


Gotravindo encourage student to believe in themselves that their potential is beyond their imagination. Gotravindo empower students to be brave and be confident to express their thought directly. Gotravindo deliver the program for students to empower others to be the agent of positive change we wish to see in the world.


Gotravindo includes an inspiring session with an expert, quality time with various community, a great opportunity to build a networking within the program. Gotravindo will give a great impact to students. Meeting many people from different background and expertise will give more insight and inspiration. Inspiring experience will enrich student and empower the potential to be brave enough to actualize the dream.


Gotravindo provides the opportunity to experience learning model directly which will encourage students to become more creative and innovative. Real movement in the learning process will make the implementation of the various theories felt by many people. Broaden horizons trough an exciting program and let the spirit experience the wonder and vary of society abroad. Gotravindo challenge students to create new innovation.

Beyond Innovation of Gotravindo

When the Others Still on Trying, We Already had The Experiences

Gotravindo is the first educational program in Indonesia. Gotravindo provides educational programs for both students or colleges in Indonesia to experience not only in education but also in valuable experiences such as meet with new people and feel the atmosphere of education in different countries with cultural diversity. Gotravindo already had some experiences in this field for a long time, and we focus on the quality.

Android Apps Feature

Todays’ technology development makes all the things become easier. In this digital era, many supporting systems are provided to facilitate a wide range of needs. Even more nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone including the students. Gotravindo is committed to always be one step ahead and more cutting edge in facilitating student needs especially in this digital era. Taking the opportunity, Gotravindo presents the features of Android application to facilitates and helps the student to be able to access and find out more details about Gotravindo. Features of “GOTRAVINDO” application currently is already available and can be directly downloaded on Google Play Store.

A Step Forward Starts in One Touch

In the digital age, technology makes the world as in one’s grasp, open the horizon insight, knowing the development of education and participated in the field of education in the world. Due to this issue, Gotravindo presents a feature to make the young generation of Indonesia move one step ahead in one easy touch. Through the android application presented by Gotravindo, the access to the education field abroad, the development of knowledge and experiences becoming easier in just one touch.

Our Partners

Gotravindo has collaboration with partners overseas such as universities, institutions, organizations, and industries to maintain the quality as a trustworthy partner in conducting the best program and enhance the comfort and satisfaction as the participants of our program

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