Gotravindo provides scholarship program for the participants who holds minimum 30 rewards point or Gold Superior Card. The Scholarship offers free program of Gotravindo in ASEAN region and East Asia Program. The facilities of the scholarship are as mentioned according to the student member card (Gold Superior Card or Genius Platinum Card).

What is a Student Member Card?

Student Member Card is a member identity card for members of Gotravindo which obtained by the members who participating in a program of Gotravindo. All Students could be a member and will only get the Student Member Card with the rewards point once you join for a program. Student Member Card can be used for various redemption rewards such as free programs, free voucher for books, vouchers for education needs, etc.

How to use the Student Member Card?

Kindly log in to your student member account to know the acquisition of your rewards. Redemption of student member rewards could be done by contacting our customer service or by email to In case of losing your card, you should contact Gotravindo for a new card and account member.

Student Member

There are various facilities that can be enjoyed by the student as a part of the Student Member Gotravindo. These facilities with a variety of convenience can be obtained by a Student Member Gotravindo. These are the following various facilities of Student Member that can be obtained:

Comfort Service Office

In order to improve the service for the entire student Member, Gotravindo makes the client services Office to enhance the quality and gain the trustworthiness to Gotravindo.

Facilities for Mobility in Yogyakarta

For student member Gotravindo who comes from outside of Jogja city and have a visitation to the Office of Gotravindo, we provide a service in the form of on-site delivery and pick-up from the airport or the train station.

Free Program

Enjoy the additional facilities by collecting reward point during the program. The points can be exchanged for Free Program in ASEAN countries. Each country has a number of points which had already been accepted by a student member. To check the number of points, each student can contact to the Admin of Gotravindo.

Special Discount

Special discount will be intended for student member by showing the student member card to be used at some restaurants and merchants in Indonesia that has already established cooperation with Gotravindo.

Type of Student Member Card


Student Member Card Requirements
Silver Bright Card Becoming a Participant of Gotravindo Program
Gold Superior Card Acquire 30 rewards point
Genius Platinum Card


Acquire 100 rewards point


Silver Bright Card

  • Extra snack meals
  • Participant Mentoring
  • Daily parent confirmation during the program
  • Free program information
  • Free education consultant
  • Tour guide information
  • Other interesting options.


Gold Superior Card

  • All facilities of Silver Bright Card
  • Free ASEAN Program.



Genius Platinum Card

  • All facilities of Gold Superior Card
  • Free ASEAN Program
  • Free East Asia Program
Region of Gotravindo Program Rewards Point
National 1
ASIA (non ASEAN) 5